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Almaty, Bukhar Zhyrau blvd., 33, Business center «Jenis» ,4th floor, off. 24

+7 (727) 376 36 98

TILAWYERS’ Corporate Law practice has extensive experience in legal support of corporate projects in the country. TILAWYERS advises foreign investors, who are just entering the Kazakhstani market, provide legal support to Kazakhstani and foreign clients on day-to-day issues, such as contractual relationships with partners during the reorganization, investment or joint venture.

TILAWYERS practice on corporate law provides the following legal services:

  • legal support of company’s day-to-day operations;
  • consulting on investment incentives;
  • consulting in choosing the optimal form of entry and operations in RofK (establishment of the company, branch or representative office);
  • company reorganization (merger, acquisition, division, separation);
  • joint operations;
  • consulting in the event of disputes between interest holders/shareholders;
  • settlement of the dispute between the interest holders / shareholders and representation of interest holders /shareholders in court;
  • liquidation of the legal entity, branch or representative office.


  • Legal support of day-to-day operations of major hotel in Almaty, beverage producer company, numerous construction companies;
  • Pre-trial dispute settlement between the sole interest holder of subsoiluser company and investor;
  • Legal support of sale and purchase of interest participation in subsoiluser companies.

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